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Weddings and special events mark one of the most important times in your life.  Finding the right vendors to match your event budget is key; and it is our hope this page can help you make an informed decision and consider Wayne Charles Photography to capture all your special moments.

What is your experience with photography?  Wayne Charles Photography has been photographing weddings and special events for over 6 years.  What started as a hobby with a small point-and-shoot camera, quickly developed into a full service professional photography venture with the help of some great photographers who Wayne works with frequently.  Wayne constantly refines his skill through photography workshops, online training, publications, and the best experience of all...real weddings and events with award winning professionals.

What is your style of photography?  Wayne Charles Photography uses a blend of styles throughout a wedding day to achieve the best results.  Wayne combines a mix of Contemporary, Photojournalism, and Portraiture.  There are times during the getting ready portion where we stand back and capture the moments as they happen, while using portraiture for those amazing bridal images just before the ceremony.  During the ceremony, it is all about documenting the events and we try not to block the view of your guests.  The family photos are your more formal poses which end up on the wall of almost every parent and grandparent's house so it is important they look nice and clean.   Once the formalities of the ceremony are over and the families are heading to the's time for some fun with the bridal parties.  We capture the cool, calm, and crazy side of your party, get everyone moving a little bit, and turn the boring photos into something light and fun.  Once the bridal party finishes up, we move towards the a blend of fashion, illustrative, and fine art portraiture are used to create some striking images, if you're hoping for "cheese", I recommend Wisconsin.

How many weddings and events do you book each year?  Wayne only books a limited number of events each year to ensure you receive individual attention, images in a timely manner, and the flexibility of being able to move your event or photo shoot to an alternate date if needed.  Approximately 12-15 events are scheduled each year.  When Wayne is not working with clients, he shoots with other professional wedding photographers to maintain and build on his experience.

Do you book more than one event in a day? Weekend?  No, only your event will be booked for your date, and we do not like to book another event the day before/after.  While this may limit our availability, it is a courtesy to you and other clients; knowing we will not be tired from shooting, have equipment malfunctions, or drained batteries when we show up for your event.

Do you have a studio location?  Unfortunately Wayne Charles Photography does not have a commercial studio location.  This decision was made to benefit you, the client.  A studio comes with high operating costs, which are not absorbed by the photographer; you pay the overhead and operating fees as part of the package you select with other studios.  Wayne is able to keep your investment lower by not operating from a studio location.  The advantage is Wayne Charles Photography can visit you, or at a convenient location you choose.  We are also flexible in most discussions and proofing can take place via phone, email, or online; so it is convenient on your time, not when the photographer has an available appointment.

Do you have a design staff or studio photographers?  No, Wayne Charles Photography does not employ a team of designers or staff.  This allows us to keep overhead costs down and as a result, less expense for you, the client.  What this means is you contact Wayne Charles Photography and you speak directly with Wayne, the photographer, the designer, and the person who can answer all of your questions.  By limiting the number of events each year; Wayne is able to shoot your event, touch up your photos, design your album, and answer all of your questions in a timely manner.  Your albums and images require a high level of quality, so they should be designed and enhanced by an expert and the person who captured the event, not handed off to a designer where they are left to interpret the style you wish to achieve.  Are you worried about having a back-up shooter, that brings us to the next question...

What if there is an emergency and you can not shoot our event?  In case of an extremely rare emergency or illness and Wayne can not photograph your event, we have a network of qualified professional photographers which we will contact and arrange to cover your event.  You will be able to approve a replacement, or option for a refund and find a professional of your choosing if time allows.  Should a replacement photographer need to be called in; all of your images and albums will still be processed and designed in-house so you can keep the level of quality we provide.

Are you insured?  Yes, we have liability and medical insurance for those rare moments.  The insurance amounts meet just about every venue's requirements, but please ask your venue the specifics.

What are your prices?  Please see the "Investments" page located in the "About" menu above for more information.

Do you photograph with film or digital media?  Wayne Charles Photography is 100% digital.  While film produces a nice image and a look you can't always replicate with digital, it eliminates things such as; "wait one minute I need to change the film roll", or you asking "can I see how it looks?"  The photographer responding, "yes, in 2-3 weeks when they are developed."  Wayne has worked with high-end photographers who use film often, but prefers digital for it's instant ability to make sure the photo was captured nicely.

What kind of equipment do you use?  Wayne invests in the latest Canon digital cameras, lenses, and flash equipment.  All of our gear is professional quality and most items will not be found in your local electronics retail store.  We arrive to your event with all equipment needed to photograph at any location or lighting situation.  Should our gear malfunction before your event, we can rent the same item fast.  All equipment is regularly tested, maintained, and serviced to ensure it works when needed.

Do you have back-up equipment with you in case of malfunction?  Back-up equipment is a must-have for any event.  Wayne always arrives with extra cameras, lenses, flashes, and media.  As an added protection, we change media cards throughout the day to prevent the rare chance that a card malfunctions and all of your images become lost.  With this method, any rare loss of digital images should be minimized.  All of our digital memory cards are replaced yearly, which greatly reduces the risk of having a card fail due to repeated use.

Do you back-up your event photos?  Yes, we transfer all of your images from the camera's media cards onto two hard drives, a USB flash drive, and make an additional Blu-Ray disc backup which is stored in a secure off-site, climate controlled facility.  All of the original camera files, enhanced files, album designs, and print product designs are backed up regularly.

In what format do you offer proofs?  All of your images will be available online for proofing in a secure password protected gallery.  Your guests will receive photo cards at the wedding with a link and password to your gallery, as well as a photo from your engagement session.  At your request, we can also provide a CD or a bound copy of the proofs for viewing.

How soon after the event are the proofs ready for viewing?  A sneak-peek collection of images are posted within the first week. All images are typically posted within 4-6 weeks depending on the size of your package and event duration.

How long will my online image gallery remain active?  All event images will remain online for a guaranteed period of six (6) months, and up to twelve (12) months if we have available space on the server.

Do you provide the digital files and/or negatives?  Yes, a custom DVD or USB flash drive with the digital images are provided based on the selected package or may be purchased individually.  All digital images are provided are high resolution, 300dpi, and sized for an 8x10 or similar print with no watermarks or copyright shown on the image.

Do you retain the copyright for the photos?  The photographer holds a copyright as the "creator" or "artist" for all photos; however if you receive digital images you may print, share, and display them for your personal use.

What kind of albums do you offer?  Albums are custom designed by Wayne Charles Photography.  Each album tells a story of your wedding day and is created with this in mind.  All albums are high-quality and professionally printed.  We offer numerous cover materials and paper types.  From thick photo printed pages in an album, to textured press-printed pages of coffee table books, we have your style covered.  Album cover options include leathers, fabrics, metal, acrylic, and photo wrapped canvas.  Leather options include textures, patterns, or the more simple solid color you choose.

When will the client get the final album?  Albums are delivered within 4-6 weeks of your final proof approval.  The length of time is based on the album printing lab's production times and the cover material selected.

Do you charge for travel?  Short answer is no, travel is included if you are in the Philadelphia area, Eastern Pennsylvania, or Southern New Jersey (approx. 1 hour time from Philadelphia).  Should you request Wayne for a destination wedding or location more than 1 hour from the city of Philadelphia; actual travel costs will be discussed with you and charged to your final payment.

Do you charge hourly or full day?  Each event collection includes the time required to capture a full day, and the amount of coverage can be customized to meet your needs.

Do you photograph guests at their tables?  We typically do not like to photograph guests and couples while sitting at their table as these images are not very flattering while they eat and have drinks in front of them.  During this time, we could miss a moment of action on the dance floor or another opportunity you wish was photographed.  However, it is our philosophy to provide you with the images you desire and we will photograph each table, only at your request.  A good alternative is have a list for your photographer with any special person or groups you wish to capture, then we can request everyone gather in a nice area for the photo.

Should you have any additional questions, please ask, Wayne Charles Photography would love to tell you more!